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Does Therapy Help? What Can Therapy Do For You?

Are you struggling with a problem and wondering whether therapy really helps? Ask yourself, are you content with the way things are now? If you are grappling with issues like anxiety, depression, PTSD, or even a spiritual crisis, participating in therapy could help...

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Let’s Explore 4 of the Best Trauma Therapies

Do you struggle with the effects of trauma, even years after the trauma occurred? Are you looking for answers and to find help? Living with trauma can feel like there is a disconnect between yourself and the world around you. Fortunately, there are several techniques...

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tasha medley testimonial for igor giusti new transpersonal psychotherapy counseling therapy"Igor is well trained in cutting-edge, research-based therapies.  With his compassionate heart and presence, Igor is gifted at helping clients find resources to face even the most difficult challenges and develop healthier cognitive patterns and behaviors.  Clients love Igor's warmth, openness and innovation." Tasha Medley MA, M.Ed., LPC, NCC, RPT -- Psychotherapist, Boulder, CO


"When I contacted you on the phone, I was pleasantly surprised to hear your Italian accent. You warmth and smile were very welcoming. In therapy, you helped me, hands-on, with my challenges with anxiety and depression, which I had been stuck in for years. That gave me hope. I also have to say that, your warm human connection, kind heart, and skills made therapy look like something I was looking forward every week instead of dreading it. In fact, therapy was not heavy despite the difficult feelings I was facing–it was actually restorative. Through your support and my commitment to therapy, I was able to overcome these very difficult challenges. Thank you Igor. I wish people knew that there is hope even when they feels like there isn’t." Client, Denver CO 


josh medley testimonial for igor giusti new transpersonal psychotherapy counseling therapy"Igor Giusti is a profoundly gifted healer and spiritual guide.  His deep knowledge of different styles of therapy is balanced by an equally deep knowledge of spiritual practice and literature.  He really does practice what he teaches - integrating the mind, heart, and body together in a life dedicated to spiritual realization.  He has studied extensively and done lengthy retreats.  I know personally from working with him and observing him that his clinical perception is extremely precise and his responses very accurate and effective.  He has clarity and intelligence, is heartful, caring, and also dedicated, strong, and incisive when needed.  I can't think of a better guide in the process of getting to know one's inner nature and bringing it into the world."  Josh Medley MA, NCC, LPC -- Psychotherapist, Boulder, CO


deepesh faucheux testimonial for igor giusti new transpersonal psychotherapy counseling therapy"Igor is, first and foremost, a fine, sensitive human being, with a heightened self-awareness as well as a deep sense of compassion for other people. There is also a deep inner quiet about him, perhaps developed in his meditation practice. In addition to these aspects of emotional intelligence, empathy, self-awareness, and presence, he has a fine sense of humor." Deepesh Faucheux -- Adjunct Professor and Psychotherapist, Boulder, CO


les mcallan testimonial for igor giusti new transpersonal psychotherapy counseling therapy"Igor’s greatest gifts are his somatic intelligence and compassionate heart. He is surprisingly attuned to the inner realm of sensations and feelings. He relates to the world from a spiritual and somatic felt sense, rather than from his mind alone. This makes him highly capable in guiding clients to become more embodied, in touch with their feelings, and grounded in their spiritual experiences while living in the world." Les McAllan PhD -- Retired Professor and Psychologist, Prescott AZ


jason appt testimonial for igor giusti new transpersonal psychotherapy counseling therapyIgor has a warm, open, and attentive presence. His warm listening capacity, keen curiosity, psychological depth, and insight are palpable. Igor is a transpersonally trained psychotherapist with group and individual experience, as well as a participant-explorer in other types of contemplative and psychological intra- and inter-personal work. He has great value for and emphasis on the body and his adept somatic awareness is evident by the way he can articulate—and help others get in touch with and articulate—bodily, emotional, and mental experiences. In general I would say Igor is a grateful and joyful person. His affectionate and joyful nature make him desirable and delightful to be around. Jason Appt -- Assistant Professor and Psychotherapist, Boulder CO