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Is the disconnection from your spiritual experiences and spiritual nature painful? There is a solution.


Do you experience the pain of having and then losing spiritual experiences, the hopelessness of going back and forth between spiritual experiences and common living experiences?

I know how hard it may be. It can be painful, maddening, and deeply disheartening. Yet, there is a solution!

You are among the few people who is aware of a particular type of suffering: the suffering from the disconnection of your spiritual nature, spiritual experiences, expanded state of consciousness, inner bliss, and profound peace.

You may have had deep spiritual experiences in your life. You may have gone on retreats and maybe to a monastery, and have learned much from many important teachers.

Yet, when you come back into the world, you fall back into feelings of a dull, colorless, empty life. You adapt and go on with your life. However, deep down you continue to suffer from this spiritual disconnection.


Should you resign yourself to living with transient spiritual experiences?


Should you renounce the world and live as a recluse to deepen into your spiritual nature and spiritual experiences or renounce the spiritual life and just enjoy the world?

Should you give up because your mind and emotions are so strong that they will never allow you to stabilize you spiritual experiences in your daily life?

These are important questions. But do not be discouraged. There is a way to bring your deepest spiritual nature and personal spiritual experiences into your everyday life of family, work, and friends and live a fulfilling spiritual life in the world.

bring spiritual experience or spiritual experiences in everyday life at workWhen this occurs, you wake up in the morning, feel deeply present intimately connected with yourself and your sense of inner peace—life feels intrinsically meaningful. You go to work with your engaged mind and feelings, but you do not lose yourself in them.
You remain anchored to your expanded presence while letting your experience flow.

You go out with your friends for a dinner, a walk, or a movie, or go home to your partner and children and deeply enjoy them while remaining present to yourself—you don’t need to leave your inner experience to relate to them anymore.
Being with them does not take you away from yourself, your presence, inner peace, or spiritual experiences. Your spiritual experiences have become your baseline where you normally live your day.

The ups and downs of life can take you away from the depths of your spiritual experiences only momentarily because, now, you are established in your spiritual nature where you automatically return to. Yes, you can have both, your world and your deep spiritual nature together.


But Wait…


  • I thought that psychotherapy and spirituality were two different fields? Yes, and No.

Psychotherapy focuses more on healing common human problems such as traumatic experiences, defeating patterns from childhood, chronic anxiety, and depression. Spirituality focuses more on the spiritual nature of human beings or on an ultimate reality.

Transpersonal Psychology through spiritual counseling shows that combining both is the most powerful approach to access and stabilize one’s spiritual experiences and abide in one’s spiritual nature. This is because living a spiritual life in the world requires dealing with both, common human problems and the spiritual nature of human beings.

  • The more one pursues spiritual experiences, the further away they go. They cannot be stabilized and you should not look for them. It is true, you cannot force a spiritual experience to occur, but you can remove specific internal obstacles for it to manifest freely.

Once those main obstacles are removed, instead of reaching for a spiritual experience, the spiritual experience becomes the baseline to which you naturally return every time you relax after having disconnected from it.

Therefore, although you are not looking for spiritual experiences directly, you are able to bring them into your life and slowly integrate them so that you can live your life abiding more and more often in your true spiritual nature.

  • I am Buddhist… Hindu … Jewish… Christian… Taoist… Muslim… or … You’d probably agree that spiritual experiences are like emotions, they are not confined by our belief systems.

Yet, each tradition has specific beliefs and practices that create a world view that can lead to different spiritual experiences, states, or ultimate realities. As a spiritual person, I have practiced spirituality in many traditions.

I have been engaged in religions studies for many years, and I am currently writing my doctorate on the path to enlightenment, or union with God, in eight spiritual traditions (to know more about it click spiritual enlightenment or read an in depth exploration of Sri Aurobindo 12, 3, 4, and the soon to be published on this website, Theravada Buddhism, Vajrayana Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, Hatha Yoga, Jewish Mysticism, Mystical Christianity, The Diamond Approach).

Because of this reason, I have learned the main commonalities and the differences among various traditions in terms of practices, views about ultimate reality, spiritual experiences or states. I respect and esteem all world wisdom traditions.

  • Anyone else could bring spiritual experiences into the world but certainly not me! I tried everything. Nothing ultimately works. I am just a limited person with so many untamable thoughts, emotions, and bundles of tensions. 

spiritual-experiences-spiritual-experience-the-pain-of-disconnectionI invite you to reflect on a daring question: Are you the problem or are the teacher’s teaching-skills the problem? Teaching is an art!

This art does not come packaged with spiritual realization. 

The two are two different fields of study. Usually, if a person wants to teach effectively, he or she has to first learn the art of teaching. Spiritual teachers do not usually learn how to teach.

It is true, the student’s talent and openness to spiritual experiences and states matters, but a big part of the responsibility is on the teacher; and this is true for any discipline.

In my experience, people are often surprise on how tailored spiritual practices paired with specific psychological support helps people open to their spiritual nature and spiritual experiences in a more fundamental way to supports their spiritual development in ways they did not think were possible.

  • I am just a beginner, I have never or rarely had spiritual experiences. Don’t worry, I work with beginners, intermediate, and advanced individuals (If you want practical hands-on recommendations, you can download the Free Report for “Starters” toward the top right side of this page).
  • I should go live in a monastery if I want to integrate my spiritual experiences. If it is your true calling, yes, you should go. You should also go if you think it can help you build a strong spiritual foundation.

However, if you are trying to escape the challenges of the world by going to a monastery, sooner or later those challenges will come back and have to be dealt with.

Whatever you decide, please remember that it is possible to bring your spiritual experiences and nature into your everyday life to live a spiritual fulfilled life in the world.

  • You make it look so easy, is it really that easy? No, it is not easy. To make spiritual experiences the baseline in one’s life it takes time, patience, dedication, and hard work. Yet, it is possible. Not only it is possible, but with the right knowledge, intelligent tailored consistent practice, and understanding spiritual experiences are probable to become your baseline.


I Can Help you Get There


For many years, I have personally experienced how painful and elusive a temporary taste of a spiritual experience can be. Losing the experience can be maddening, sorrowful, and distressful. 

This is why I have decided to specialize in this field and research, in my personal life and in my doctoral studies, how to help people bring there spiritual experiences in their daily life and help make these spiritual experiences people’s baseline.

Kelly’s Experience (the name and all identifiable factors have been changed) When Kelly came to see me, she was struggling to bring her spiritual experiences of equanimity, deep love, and unity with the world into her everyday life. 

She could not understand why those experiences were so fleeting and she wanted to know if there was a way to make them part of her everyday life. Kelly and I explored, in a safe and supportive way, her spiritual experiences and the relative psychological and spiritually related obstacles.

These obstacles were preventing her spiritual experiences to be part of her everyday life. Today, Kelly has learned how to bring her spiritual experiences to work, with friends, and family.

She doesn’t have to choose anymore between the world and the retreat; she has both. But most importantly, her capacity to remain in contact with her spiritual experiences while in the world continues to deepen.


Why I Can Help You Get There


I can help you embody and bring your spiritual experiences into your everyday life. I tailor my approach to your psychological and spiritual makeup.

My approach is informed by 20 years of personal research and informed by knowledge gathered from studying spirituality, practicing Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and Contemplative Religions (if you have questions, you can find out more about me or e-mail me).

spiritual-experiences-spiritual-experience-in-everyday-life-igor-giustiIn my approach, I use specific cognitive and body-centered transpersonal methods, as well as practices from different spiritual traditions. What’s most important, however, is that my approach toward healing and spiritual transformation is attuned to the person, it is safe, and compassionate. By working together we will find the approach that best meets your needs and suits your background, belief system, and psychological makeup. Together we will bring your spiritual experiences into your daily relationships, work, and family life.

If you want to know the specific methods on how do bring your spiritual experiences into your daily life, you can download the Free Report (for Advanced) toward the upper right hand corner of this page.

Or click below on “Introductory Offer” to find out how to do a 20 minutes free consultation, ask questions, or brainstorm ideas about what could be best for your spiritual progress and integration of spiritual experiences in your everyday life at this point in your life.

Regardless if you choose me as your therapist or not, if you have decided to go to therapy, I strongly recommend to read the Free Report “The 3 Keys for Choosing the Right Therapist for You” (you can download it here). This Free Report aims to empower you as a client by helping you evaluate your therapy and therapist. People have found it very helpful to learn specific ways on how to determine if their therapist is a good fit for them and can really help them, or if they are actually wasting their time because some therapy key-factors are missing and they actually need to change therapist.




“When I contacted you on the phone, I was pleasantly surprised to hear your Italian accent. You warmth and smile were very welcoming. In therapy, you helped me, hands-on, with my challenges with anxiety and depression, which I had been stuck in for years. That gave me hope. I also have to say that, your warm human connection, kind heart, and skills made therapy look like something I was looking forward every week instead of dreading it. In fact, therapy was not heavy despite the difficult feelings I was facing–it was actually restorative. Through your support and my commitment to therapy, I was able to overcome these very difficult challenges. Thank you Igor. I wish people knew that there is hope even when they feels like there isn’t.” Client, Denver CO 

PTSD symptoms signs of depression anxiety symptoms spiritual crisis of faith

“Igor is well trained in cutting-edge, research-based therapies.  With his compassionate heart and presence, Igor is gifted at helping clients find resources to face even the most difficult challenges and develop healthier cognitive patterns and behaviors.  Clients love Igor’s warmth, openness and innovation.” Tasha Medley MA, M.Ed., LPC, NCC, RPT — Psychotherapist, Boulder, CO


spiritual experiences josh medley spiritual experience“Igor Giusti is a profoundly gifted healer and spiritual guide.  His deep knowledge of different styles of therapy is balanced by an equally deep knowledge of spiritual practice and literature.  He really does practice what he teaches – integrating the mind, heart, and body together in a life dedicated to spiritual realization.  He has studied extensively and done lengthy retreats.  I know personally from working with him and observing him that his clinical perception is extremely precise and his responses very accurate and effective.  He has clarity and intelligence, is heartful, caring, and also dedicated, strong, and incisive when needed.  I can’t think of a better guide in the process of getting
to know one’s inner nature and bringing it into the world.”  Josh Medley MA, NCC, LPC — Psychotherapist, Boulder, CO


spiritual experiences deepesh faucheux spiritual experience“Igor is, first and foremost, a fine, sensitive human being, with a heightened self-awareness as well as a deep sense of compassion for other people. There is also a deep inner quiet about him, perhaps developed in his meditation practice. In addition to these aspects of emotional intelligence, empathy, self-awareness, and presence, he has a fine sense of humor.” Deepesh Faucheux — Adjunct Professor and Psychotherapist, Boulder, CO


spiritual-experience-les-mcallan-spiritual-experiences“Igor’s greatest gifts are his somatic intelligence and compassionate heart. He is surprisingly attuned to the inner realm of sensations and feelings. He relates to the world from a spiritual and somatic felt sense, rather than from his mind alone. This makes him highly capable in guiding clients to become more embodied, in touch with their feelings, and grounded in their spiritual experiences while living in the world.” Les McAllan PhD — Retired Professor and Psychologist, Prescott AZ


spiritual experience jason appt spiritual experiencesIgor has a warm, open, and attentive presence. His warm listening capacity, keen curiosity, psychological depth, and insight are palpable. Igor is a transpersonally trained psychotherapist with group and individual experience, as well as a participant-explorer in other types of contemplative and psychological intra- and inter-personal work. He has great value for and emphasis on the body and his adept somatic awareness is evident by the way he can articulate—and help others get in touch with and articulate—bodily, emotional, and mental experiences. In general I would say Igor is a
grateful and joyful person. His affectionate and joyful nature make him desirable and delightful to be around. Jason Appt — Assistant Professor and Psychotherapist, Boulder CO