Igor Giusti PhD(c)
75 Manhattan Dr. Suite 302
Boulder, CO 80303

About Igor Giusti PhD(c)


Psychotherapist and life coach: Specialized in finding effective ways to help you overcome your challenges and realize what you want in life.

Strong Background in Mindfulness-Based Approaches

Transpersonal, Gestalt, Psychodynamic and Body/Somatic-Centered Therapy

Trilingual English/Italian/French


Igor Giusti MA, ABD, Transpersonal Psychotherapist

Igor Giusti PhD(c), Transpersonal Psychotherapist

I have a colorful and diverse biography. I am originally from Italy and grew up speaking Italian. I have worked as a broker, I have worked as a driving instructor, and also provided elder care. Then 20 years ago I moved to the US and became interested in psychotherapy and spirituality, which led me to specialize in this field.

In term of my practice, I am a psychotherapist who views psychology and spirituality as two interwoven aspects of the healing process. I believe that psychological tools can greatly benefit spiritual practice, and spirituality can greatly benefit psychological work. Ultimately, in my work, the two are not distinct.

Because what works for one person does not necessarily work for another, my approach aims to customize the most appropriate and effective therapy and spiritual approach to address your unique needs. In my relationship with you I will create a personal, warm, and professional holding environment that will allow you to feel at ease, which is essential for successful therapy to occur.

My therapeutic orientation is Transpersonal and Body Centered: a holistic view of the human experience, which includes the mind, body, and spiritual elements of the human experience. I believe that true healing can occur by looking at the person as a whole. My work is also informed by Gestalt, Hakomi, Mindfulness, Somatic Therapy, the Diamond Approach, and Trauma Therapy. I use these different modalities because each of them adds a complementary perspective to the understanding of the human being.

My clients are diverse in terms of race, socio-economic status, age, disability, nationality, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, political affiliation, and religion. Everyone is welcome!

I have completed my Bachelor and Master’s degree at Naropa University. Currently, I am writing my PhD dissertation researching innovative approaches on how to integrate the psychological and spiritual wisdom of the East with the wisdom of the West and also researching the relationship between mental transcendence and physical embodiment of the transcendence (immanence). My interests revolve around the spiritual traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Jewish Mysticism, Mystical Christianity, and Sufism, Daoism, the Diamond Approach, as well as psychology, and the shamanic wisdom of tribal cultures.

Degrees, Professional Licenses, Certifications, and Trainings

  • PhD(c) (coursework/exams completed — proposal approved — dissertation in progress)
  • Masters in Transpersonal Psychology
  • Bachelor in Contemplative Psychology and Religious Studies
  • Hakomi/Certification/5-2012/Hakomi Institute/Boulder/CO/USA
  • Gestalt/2012-2013/Naropa University/Boulder/CO/USA
  • Motivational Interviewing/Certification/11-2011/Odyssey Training Center/Denver/CO/USA
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy/Training/9-2011/Noeticus Counseling Center/Denver/CO/USA
  • Gottman Couples Therapy, Level I Training/9-2011/Colorado Association for Marriage and Family Therapy/CO/Denver
  • Dialectic Behavioral Therapy and Trauma Therapists/Training/5-2012/Noeticus Counseling Center/Denver/CO/USA
  • Restorative Justice/Training/3-2012/RJTC/Boulder/CO/USA
  • Diamond Approach/Ongoing Training/2005-present/Ridhwan School/Boulder/CO/USA
  • Enneagram Riso-Hudson/Training/2004-2005/Enneagram Institute/East Coast/USA
  • Meditation Instructor/2010/Ongoing/Naropa University Certification/Boulder/CO/USA
  • Pedagogical Studies and Leadership/1984-2004/Rome/Italy