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What can Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Spiritual Counseling / Spiritual Therapy do for you



Are anxiety, depression, PTSD, existential difficulties, spiritual pain, or other personal challenges preventing you from living your life to its fullest, feeling whole again, or being connected to your deeper self or spiritual nature?


If so, know that you are not alone and that there is support available for you through transpersonal psychotherapy and spiritual counseling, which combines the science of traditional western psychology with the wisdom of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions.

Here is what transpersonal therapy can do for you:

Anxiety Treatment in Spiritual Counseling

Sustained worry and anxiety can interfere with your sleep, create difficulties in decision-making or completing a task, and in the long run, can damage your health. Worry can exhaust you to the point of feeling literally consumed on a mental, emotional, and physical level.

Transpersonal psychotherapy and spiritual counseling are therapies that not only help you resolve the challenge of anxiety itself, but while doing that, they also help you find the source of your deeper inner support and mental clarity that is obstructed by the anxiety, but is present in all human beings.

In addition to that, transpersonal psychotherapy and spiritual counseling can also address possible existential anxiety, or subtler levels of nervousness and discomfort such as, the challenge of being your true authentic self at work, with friends or significant other, the subtle fear of being emotionally open and intimate with your partner, or the possible fear of keep your heart closed to avoid being emotionally hurt. 

On a spiritual level transpersonal psychotherapy and spiritual counseling can help you deal with spiritual anxiety around spiritual beliefs or spiritual experiences and challenges around ego dissolution for further spiritual progress to occur.

For a more in-depth discussion on anxiety, please refer to anxiety treatment.


depression anxiety integral psychotherapy transpersonal psychotherapy spiritual counseling transpersonal therapy transpersonal counseling spiritual therapy integral


Depression Treatment in Spiritual Counseling

Melancholy or depression takes away the joy of living, bringing darkness and hopelessness in your life. The activities and people that once made you happy now feel empty and meaningless. Most of your energy is gone. Everything you do requires great effort because you feel heavy and tired as if you were covered by a wet blanket.

Transpersonal psychotherapy and spiritual counseling help you resolve the cause of your depression, but while doing so they also help you get more in touch with the wholeness in you that is capable, dynamic, unafraid, and alive, to resource you and support the healing process of your depression.

In addition to that, transpersonal psychotherapy and spiritual counseling can also help you look at subtler levels of sadness, or dissatisfaction with life, such as feelings of discontent, feeling of existential meaninglessness and pointlessness with life, and unacknowledged hurt from past experiences that you may carry within yourself and may prevent you from living your life with a lightheartedness and an open heart.

At its best, transpersonal psychotherapy and spiritual counseling can also look at an even subtler level of dissatisfaction or sadness—the pain of being disconnected from your wholeness, true self, or spiritual nature, which is intrinsically caring, compassionate, intelligent, insightful, open, accepting, and at peace within itself.

For a more in-depth discussion on anxiety, please refer to depression treatment.


PTSD Treatment / Trauma Tretment in Spiritual Counseling

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), which is often linked to anxiety and depression as detailed above, makes you numb to life, it disconnects you from other people, it makes you watch life as it goes by as if you were not its participant, and makes you live in a constant subtle hyper-vigilant state that consumes you and the people around you.

PTSD can also affect your sleep, cause nightmares, and make you prone to being easily startled. Seeking therapy or spiritual counseling may be scary because PTSD can make you feel not fully in control of your actions or feel hopeless about your life. Yet, there is help also for you.

Transpersonal psychotherapy and spiritual counseling target your specific trauma with body-based approaches. The latest research shows that trauma becomes deeply stored in the body and does not just occur in the mind. Part of the process is to develop a resource plan to support your healing.

In addition to that, transpersonal psychotherapy and spiritual counseling can also look at possible subtler trauma (micro-trauma) that is present in most people. Mirco-trauma can interfere with your sleep, make you feel hyper-vigilant or extra cautious, cause subtle fears of intimacy and commitment, which prevents you from living the life that you want to live.

On a spiritual level, transpersonal psychotherapy and spiritual counseling can look at your family or ancestral trauma (the latest research on behavioral epigenetics suggests that trauma can get passed on genetically), possible birth trauma, or traumatic spiritual experiences classified as “spiritual emergencies.”

For a more in-depth discussion on anxiety, please refer to PTSD treatment / Trauma Therapy

If you experience some of the symptoms described in the anxiety treatment, depression treatment, or PTSD treatment sections, transpersonal psychotherapy and spiritual counseling can help you. But of course transpersonal psychotherapy and spiritual counseling also help with other types of painful challenges such as addiction, compulsive behavior, existential life crisis, or other personal problems that can deeply interfere with living your life to its fullest. We all want to have truly satisfying relationships, realize our full potential, or become more deeply connection to our wholeness, true self, and spiritual nature.

So, as you see, transpersonal psychotherapy and spiritual counseling are much more than regular therapy. It works on many levels. But what is this type of therapy exactly?


What is Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Spiritual Counseling? How Does it Work?


transpersonal psychotherapy spiritual counseling transpersonal therapy transpersonal counseling spiritual therapy integral counseling integral psychotherapyTranspersonal psychology and spiritual counseling combines the 21st century cutting-edge Western psychological science with Eastern and Western spiritual wisdom.

In the field of mental health, the terms transpersonal psychotherapy and spiritual counseling (sometimes referred to as transpersonal therapy, transpersonal counseling, spiritual therapyintegral psychotherapy, or integral counseling) refer to the use of regular psychotherapy, plus the inclusion of inner resources found in one’s authentic self, wholeness, spiritual beliefs, or spiritual experiences to overcome one’s challenges. 

The combination of the two speeds up the healing process, making it more thorough and less painful.

But, why is this so?

Well, because the more inner support you have, the easier the process of healing. It’s like having a physical wound. You can just let it be there and hope it won’t get worse, or you can take care of it by putting some anti-bacterial cream and a band-aid. If you take care of the wound, it won’t get infected, it will likely hurt less, and heal faster. The same is true with transpersonal psychotherapy and spiritual counseling. You don’t just deal with the challenge you have, but you use inner resources that you develop and awaken in order to facilitate the healing process. So, I ask you,

How do you think it would be explore your challenges while being connected to your deeper sense of well-being and wholeness that is beneath the surface?

In your life, have you ever noticed how the pain, or inner discomfort, decreases when you are in contact with a sense of inner support when you are having a good day?

Isn’t it easier to face the difficulties of life from that place?

What if you could live your everyday life from that place of deep inner resources?

This is what transpersonal psychotherapy and spiritual counseling can do. They offer you a different way of looking at the healing process. Instead of making it heavy, transpersonal psychotherapy and spiritual counseling take much of the burden off by simply increasing your inner resources to better deal with your specific challenge, as well as help you live your life from that resourced place.


You Have Questions About Spiritual Counseling and Transpersonal Psychotherapy?


  • What if my depression, anxiety or… is biological, can transpersonal therapy or integral counseling help? Well, the latest research shows that nature and nurture cannot be looked at separately. 

Our unique experience of the environment stimulates our genes in a specific way, and our unique genes affect the perception of the environment. The two go hand-in-hand. Moreover, research shows that psychological and mindfulness (spiritual work) can change brain chemistry.

This is not to say that the biological component is not important. But it is to say that the psychological and biological components cannot be separated. This means that by working on both fronts one can actually substantially improve or even resolve depression or anxiety completely.

In addition to that, spiritual counseling and transpersonal psychotherapy include possible spiritual experiences you may have as a way to support the healing process.

  • Sometime my life lacks meaning, sometimes I experience existential anxiety and existential angst. I believe that this is just part of being human, and I don’t think one can get rid of these feelings. I am not sure transpersonal counseling or spiritual therapy can help. Yes, painful existential feelings can definitely be a part of the human experience.

But let me  ask you, have you ever been able to follow the existential feeling itself all the way without getting lost in it? Sages would say that only when you are able to do this, then you can really understand the meaning of the existential feeling and surmount it.Spiritual counseling supports people in this specific exploration.

  • I have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), there is no way I will ever be able to surmount this obstacle and be completely happy and open to my spiritual nature. PTSD is a very tough and painful challenge to endure and live with.

There is no doubt about it. Yet, psychology has made substantial progress in its treatment with new understanding on trauma and its resolution.

Through this type of spiritual counseling and transpersonal psychotherapy, I have personally helped people overcome PTSD, feel whole again and satisfied with their lives, find their sense of purpose, and reconnect with their spiritual nature.

  • I do not have depression, anxiety, PTSD, existential angst, or other painful feelings. I want to deepen my capacity to be mindfulness and integrate my spiritual experiences. Can spiritual counseling or integral psychotherapy help? Remember, mindfulness would be your normal state if there were no internal barriers that were preventing mindfulness from just being there.

People are out of touch with their spiritual nature for different reasons. Depression, anxiety, or others, are symptoms that affect one’s spiritual connection, but they are not always the main reason for this disconnection.

You need to find out what are your personal barriers that cause your disconnection and prevent you from staying mindful during your day.

Is you heart closed down?

Is your mind in a bit of a haze?

Are you out of touch with your bodily awareness?

When and how does this occur?

Spiritual counseling and transpersonal psychotherapy help you find your personal specific barriers that are in the way from you to become more mindful.

You may be interested in downloading the Free Report for “Advanced” in the upper left hand side of the Home page, or explore more about spiritual development.


A Real Life Example in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Spiritual Counseling


“Joe” (agreed to allow his case study to be listed here) came to see me for spiritual counseling because he had some PTSD and suffered from depression and anxiety. He knew that those issues were affecting his happiness, connection to his well-being and wholeness, as well as his energy level and entrepreneurial success.

spiritual counseling transpersonal psychotherapy surmount anxiety depression ptsdThrough a transpersonal psychotherapy and spiritual counseling approach, Joe and I explored these feelings and discovered that his depression was connected to his denial and repression of his anger. With a combination of psychological, mindfulness, and spiritual work, the depression transformed into strength and a sense of capability. He became able to bring back purpuse in his life and be more authentic in his relationships.

We also worked on his anxiety and PTSD and the specific challenges around them. By resolving these, Joe was able to feel more centered, spiritually connected, gain back his energy, and entrepreneurial spirit. Today Joe is fully satisfied about his life.


I Can Help You Overcome Your Challenges Standing Between You and Well-being


My therapeutic approach to transpersonal psychotherapy and spiritual counseling is client centered. This means that I adapt my approach to your specific psychological and spiritual needs, and help you overcome the challenges that prevent you from realizing your aspirations, well-being. It will also help you to become more mindful, present in your life and relationships, and deepen your spiritual connection.

igor giusti spiritual counseling anxiety depression
By combining psychology, mindfulness, and spirituality, by finding your personal obstacles that prevent you from being happy and in touch with your wholeness, and by creating a safe and supportive environment for you to share your personal challenges, together we can find a solution to your challenges, and bring back purpose and well-being to your life. 

I invite you to click on the green button below on “Introductory Offer” for a free 20-minute consultation, to ask questions about spiritual counseling and transpersonal psychotherapy or to brainstorm ideas about the next step you could take to overcome the obstacles you are facing at this time in your life.





Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Spiritual Counseling


“When I contacted you on the phone, I was pleasantly surprised to hear your Italian accent. You warmth and smile were very welcoming. We began working on my challenges with anxiety and depression and you showed me, hands-on, that there was a solution. I was really surprised by that because I had been stuck in that for years. That gave me hope. I also have to say that, your warm human connection, kind heart, and skills made therapy look like something I was looking forward every week instead of dreading it. In fact, therapy was not heavy despite the difficult feelings I was facing–it was actually restorative. Through your support and also my commitment to therapy, I was able to overcome these very difficult challenges. Thank you Igor. I wish people knew that there is hope even when they feels like there isn’t. Client, Boulder CO


Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Spiritual Counseling


spiritual experiences josh medley spiritual experience“Igor Giusti is a profoundly gifted healer and spiritual guide.  His deep knowledge of different styles of therapy is balanced by an equally deep knowledge of spiritual practice and literature.  He really does practice what he teaches – integrating the mind, heart, and body together in a life dedicated to spiritual realization.  He has studied extensively and done lengthy retreats.  I know personally from working with him and observing him that his clinical perception is extremely precise and his responses very accurate and effective.  He has clarity and intelligence, is heartful, caring, and also dedicated, strong, and incisive when needed.  I can’t think of a better guide in the process of getting
to know one’s inner nature and bringing it into the world.”    – Josh Medley MA, NCC, LPC — Psychotherapist


Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Spiritual Counseling


spiritual experiences deepesh faucheux spiritual experience“Igor is, first and foremost, a fine, sensitive human being, with a heightened self-awareness as well as a deep sense of compassion for other people. There is also a deep inner quiet about him, perhaps developed in his meditation practice. In addition to these aspects of emotional intelligence, empathy, self-awareness, and presence, he has a fine sense of humor.” Deepesh Faucheux — Adjunct Professor and Psychotherapist, Boulder, CO

Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Spiritual Counseling


spiritual-experience-les-mcallan-spiritual-experiences“Igor’s greatest gifts are his somatic intelligence and compassionate heart. He is surprisingly attuned to the inner realm of sensations and feelings. He relates to the world from a spiritual and somatic felt sense, rather than from his mind alone. This makes him highly capable in guiding clients to become more embodied, in touch with their feelings, and grounded in their spiritual experiences while living in the world.” Les McAllan PhD — Retired Professor and Psychologist, Prescott AZ


Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Spiritual Counseling


spiritual experience jason appt spiritual experiencesIgor has a warm, open, and attentive presence. His warm listening capacity, keen curiosity, psychological depth, and insight are palpable. Igor is a transpersonally trained psychotherapist with group and individual experience, as well as a participant-explorer in other types of contemplative and psychological intra- and inter-personal work. He has great value for and emphasis on the body and his adept somatic awareness is evident by the way he can articulate—and help others get in touch with and articulate—bodily, emotional, and mental experiences. In general I would say Igor is a
grateful and joyful person. His affectionate and joyful nature make him desirable and delightful to be around. Jason Appt — Assistant Professor and Psychotherapist, Boulder CO